In the age of digital technology, the pace of change is rapidly approaching the speed of light. These are times in which it is wise to expect the unexpected. As a case in point, this post serves as a public service announcement for those of you who currently use Adobe Business Catalyst to host and Adobe Muse to manage your website(s). At Vagabond Creative Studio we recently received notice that Adobe will stop hosting existing sites on March 26, 2020.

As designers, we use Adobe Business Catalyst as a platform to host websites for many of our customers because it offers a wide array of options. There are other platforms that can do the same thing, and this is one of those times when a change in technology means a redirection of the way we do business, so we are already exploring other options.

Adobe has announced that Business Catalyst websites can still be created (trials included,) but all trials must be upgraded to month-by-month paid subscriptions by the end of this spring – specifically June 18, 2018. (After June 18 no new trials can be created and no new sites can be upgraded to paid websites.) Month-by-month paid subscriptions will be supported until March 26, 2020, by which date all data must be migrated elsewhere.

Embracing change is never easy. We get so used to doing things in one way that we forget there was ever a time when our current way of doing things was new to us. But sometimes a change is exactly what we need and it turns out that we wouldn’t have chosen a new direction on our own (being so wrapped up in our routine) and fate lends a hand by forcing the issue without asking us first.

It’s all good. The same ingenuity that created great websites in Adobe Business Catalyst can and will be used to create great websites on other platforms. The technology keeps advancing, and the only way to succeed is to proceed at a pace to keep up with the advances!

So if you are a designer or entrepreneur who is surprised by this news, please get in touch. We are working on solutions for our present and future customers and we would like to help you, too!