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A virtual event/meeting service that connects people and ideas.

For companies and organizations that want to engage their customers or clients in a professional and anxiety-free way.

Extend your audience to include online.

Available post-event for on-demand viewing.

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What people are saying...

We hired Cleanstream to facilitate the 'streaming' of an event we had for our Young Professional Educational Event which was held in-person at the Holiday Inn. Prior to the event, Cleanstream evaluated the capacity of the Broadband in the facility, which helped to put our minds at ease. The streaming could not have turned out better the day of the event. We were able to accommodate people in-person, streaming live on Facebook and also those who wanted to watch the presentation at a later time. What is a complicated thing to achieve, Cleanstream made appear seamless."
Karen Nichols
Executive Director
Chamber of Manitowoc County
This is a testimonial regarding the creative, nimble, reliable, and successful work Vagabond Creative did creating a virtual experience for Progress Lakeshore's annual awards celebration. When it became apparent this fall that an in-person awards celebration wasn't prudent, Progress Lakeshore partnered with Vagabond Creative to develop a virtual method of recognizing the great nominees and award winners in our community. The project was complex: recognize 42 nominees, 5 award winners, 10 sponsors and Progress Lakeshore itself in a way that would be accessible to an external audience, would engage nominees, would maintain the element of surprise, would provide value to sponsors and would adhere to safety protocols brought on by the pandemic. Vagabond Creative evaluated a variety of options and ultimately developed a model for our awards celebration that combined pre-recorded commercials for sponsors, a Zoom meeting with breakout rooms for nominees/potential winners, and a live component for award sponsors, all livestreamed for an external audience to view in real time or at a later date. The result was an hour-long virtual event that was exciting, engaging, accessible and generated the buzz our awards celebration is known for. We consider this a highly successful event and one that we are proud of. Progress Lakeshore highly recommends Vagabond Creative, for creating, developing, and hosting virtual events and meetings. "
Ann Flad-Jesion
Operations Manager
Progress Lakeshore
Our experience with Jason Prigge of Vagabond Creative has been exceptional. Like most of the country, our organization was reeling when this unforeseen global crisis took place since we relied heavily on a weekly gathering that was no longer possible. Although we had a primitive live streaming system in place, Jason's knowledge base allowed us to take that antiquated system from good to great. We made it clear to Jason from the onset; our goal was to move from his service to self-sustaining since this was an event we would need to do weekly. Jason agreed to these terms, went the extra mile to purchase the right equipment, set the system up for optimal efficiency, and even trained our essential volunteers as we implemented this new system. Jason also provided unmatched customer service in the weeks to follow as novices were learning new technology. This customer service went as far as coming to our organization at an 8 a.m. on a Sunday to help us with a live stream issue so our weekly broadcast would not be interrupted. In a time when many organizations must navigate uncharted waters in how they create and deliver content mixed with Jason's desire for excellence, the artistic approach and exemplary customer service will allow Cleanstream to set a new standard in the Livestream industry.
Chris Gilbert
Lead Pastor of Connection Church
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