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Are you sailing through 2022 without a Company Website?

More and more over the past decade, social media has come to play a big role in our lives, providing more visibility to businesses, products, and services. Does your company rely solely on social media for connecting with your audience? In addition to a robust social media presence, there is value in having an online presence in the form of a website. It’s important that potential customers can find you on a quick internet search and access information about your company and provided resources in a well-organized format, unlike the continually refreshed scrolling feeds of most social media platforms.  

Think of a website as your business’ digital storefront. It should be welcoming and effectively share your story. Your website showcases your company’s why, highlights your compelling value proposition, and is an opportunity to demonstrate how you serve the community. Not ready to invest in a website yet? There are a number of free templates that can help you get started such as Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.

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When creating a website, identify the solutions your company offers that solve your audience’s unmet need(s).

  1. Create a Catchy Headliner. Think of creating a first impression. You only have seconds to impress someone before they scroll or click away. A strong header communicates that you have information that the customer is looking for and can help you stand out from the competition. Headers can range from static images to splash videos and beyond.
  2. Clearly Identify your Audience Problem. Your potential customer has an unmet need and is looking for a resolution. Identifying the potential needs a customer is seeking solutions for is important to highlight on your webpage. For example, an FAQ section is a simple and straight forward way to accomplish proactively addressing popular questions head on.
  3. Offer Solutions. By far the most important goal of a website is to showcase how you can meet your customer’s needs. To demonstrate, showcase your portfolios, the capabilities your business can provide, what sets you apart in the marketspace, the combined experience of your team, etc. Highlight your company’s expertise, the services you offer and how that combination provides solutions to your customers’ problems. Provide enough context that they realize, “This must be the place”.


Offering great customer service on your website is paramount to the customers who search for you. Try highlighting customer testimonials, add accessibility tools, simplify navigation and include a filter/search option, and, of course, a contact section. Enhance the experience by creating contact forms that allow your customers to directly contact you with added information. For example, allow potential customers to upload files or specifically detail the service they are looking for. And, remember to make sure that your web design is mobile optimized so potential customers can find you across all devices and have a good user experience.  

Ready to establish or embellish your web presence? Not sure where to begin?

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